Thank you for following my journey!

Latest update: Jan 2024


Updated the web site for out of date information.  Added new "In The Spotlight" compositions.  "Collesano Hairpin" and ".. things go better with Coke ..."

Added a new portfolio featuring "back in the day" vintage racing.... March 2022

Revised structure of web site to now include a sports car and yacht portfolio for each.  With this update I have added horses to my portfolio!

Sep.  2018 Sports Cars:

         "... Fleet Power Capri"

          "... Ladies in Red"

Sep.  2018 Yachts:

         "... Coral of Cowes"

          "... Dorade"

          "... English Harbor Antigua"

          "... La Ponche"

          "... Panic Attack"

          "... Petrana"

Sep.  2018 Horses:

          "... Justify"