Commissioned original artwork created from your personal digital photograph, 35mm slide, 35mm negative or scanned picture.  Pricing is based on size, media and originality.  I prefer large format sizes but will create  a size suitable to meet your environment - boardroom, office, business or home.

Limited Edition Fine Art print sizes typically range from 8"x12", 10"x15", 12x18, 16"x20", 16"x24" to 20"x30".    Other sizes are available. Pricing depends on size and paper type, brushed aluminum, bamboo, acrylic, 3/16" aluminum or canvass material.   Prints are mounted on styrene, single or double weight matboard or canvas stretcher. Aluminum prints have an option for a "float mount" which is included in pricing.  Price includes brush stroke finishing enhancements for Fuji Pearl, fine art paper and canvas prints. 

Special order large format prints ( up to 48" x 96" ) are available.

Custom framing available.



(Pricing Updated Summer 2016)

"STANDARD"  - Open Edition-Poster Print:

Photographic Paper


E-Surface Paper

Kodak Professional Endura Premier Paper (Traditional E-Surface Paper) is the most popular paper used by professionals.

Product Highlights:

  • Boasts accurate color, realistic saturation, excellent neutral flesh reproduction, and great intensity and offers brighter blues, cyans, purples, and reds.
  • Standard Archival Value of 100 years in home display; 200 years in dark storage

You are acquiring an economically priced photographic print of my digital artwork.  Suggested "ready made frame" can be ordered on-line from Michaels Craft Stores.

16x24 $150.00 + S&H - Ships Flat - UPS - Est. Within US $30.00
Other Sizes

 Please Inquire -  Sales and Pricing

"Limited Edition" FINE ART Giclee PRINTS:

Photographic Paper


Metallic Paper

Metallic Paper features a unique pearlescent surface with ultra-bright backgrounds.

Product Highlights:

  • Uses a patented combination of film and laminate layers resulting in striking three-dimensional images. It offers natural- looking flesh tones, sharp details, and beautifully-saturated colors.
  • Resistant to tearing and curling without any additional lamination.
  • Standard Archival Value of 100 years in home display; 200 years in dark storage.

You are acquiring a "fine art" photographic print of my digital artwork.  These prints are:


Limited Edition - Original Artist Signature

Ready to Frame - Printed to order

Print is mounted on styrene.

Artwork embellished with clear gel brush strokes and linen texture.

Certificate of Authenticity (COA) is available on request.

16x24 $350.00 + S&H - Ships Flat - UPS - Est. Within US $30.00
Other Sizes or prints on fine art paper or canvas  Please Inquire -  Sales and Pricing


Aluminum Sheet


Vivid Metal

1/16" aluminum sheet
Printing Process
Dye Sublimation

Float Mount

Care - Do not use chemicals, cleaners, or abrasive cloths


Limited Edition - Original Artist Signature


16x24 $375.00 + S&H - Ships Flat - UPS - Est. Within US $40.00
Other Sizes  Please Inquire -  Sales and Pricing

Quantity or Customer Loyalty discounts available.

Other large format or non standard sizes please inquire.
Mixed Media compositions and/or prints on clear acrylic or brushed aluminum please inquire

Pricing or questions for a specific print please Contact me at:

  Sales and Pricing.

Special, second, poster and tribute editions and/or collections may be released from time to time and each will have their designated size editions.

**Price does not include shipping & handling.**

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