"... Ferrari Club of America 1966

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Third Ferrari Club of America meeting at Bernie Morgan's home in Indianapolis, IN - 1966

(Original black & white photograph provided by Jack Reuter.)

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Dino Tracking

By: Denny Schue

In 1957 I was working for Wacky Arnolt at one of his BMC dealerships in Indiana. At the time I owned an MG-TD and had never seen a Ferrari in person. One of my fellow workers at Arnolt's was Bob Tarwacki, and he was the one who introduced me to the world of Ferrari cars. It was not until later that Bob finally bought his first one, but when I met him he was already knowledgeable in the elusive details of these rare cars from Italy. In 1958, Arnolt took a 250GT Europa in on trade on a new Aston-Martin, and it was then I had my first chance to drive one of the cars from Maranello. I can't remember much about that drive, but I will never forget the sounds of the V12 engine on that day. Bob went on to own many Ferraris over the next several years, and always gave me a turn behind the wheel of each of his cars. Bob ended up being one of about a dozen enthusiasts from Illinois, Michigan, and Indiana who formed the Ferrari Club of America. In 1966 I attended the Ferrari Club of America annual meeting which was held at Bernie Morgan's house in Indianapolis. It was my opportunity to look over 25 different cars, all in one place! Quite a turnout from a club that only had 50 members. It appeared all of the cars were driven in and not a car trailer anywhere in sight. A 250LM was driven all the way from New Orleans with the passenger holding all the luggage in her lap, another from Florida, one from New Hampshire, and a 166 Inter Vignale from Long Island. I was only a guest that day and had to park my Bertone bodied Arnolt-Bristol down the street. Little did I know that years later I would be a member of the Ferrari Club of America.

(Note: Denny passed away several years ago but Dino Tracking lives on!)


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