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Update: March 2020


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Digital Based Art
I had dedicated a lot of space in the previous issue to the subject of digital based art. In the interim period I have seen some very good and predictably some very poor examples so in many ways I'm just as undecided about it's "art quality" as I was then. Phil Ward is one of the talented ones and we are pleased to present a look at his work in this issue:

Jay Koka, AFAS Journal

What others are saying.......
The Future Meets the Past

"Digital artist Phil Ward creates automotive artwork that starts with photographs and finishes with evocative compositions that are more akin to carefully orchestrated paintings." Mark McCourt - Hemmings Sports and Exotic Cars

What others are saying.......
"Ward expresses automotive passion through digital artistry."  Tom Strongman - Syndicated Automotive Columnist and author "Wheels of Dreams"


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"Your artwork is very good......" Sir Stirling Moss OBE

What others are saying.......
"Dayton Concours 2017 Juried Art Show - Honorable Mention "... no 7".




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